Common iMac repair faults


  • Running Slow
  • Motherboard Testing/Repair
  • Hard Drive Replacement and Data Recovery
  • Mac Operating System Re-installation
  • Memory Replacement or Upgrades
  • Case Replacement and/or System Migration
  • CPU Upgrades

Comfreak Solution also provides a complete iMac repair service that offers competitive rates for any model of iMac. 
Whether it is for general repairs, cleaning or installing upgrades, Comfreak Solution are here to help you. 
We quote before we repair and same day service is available at your request.

Is your Mac running slow, getting the spinning wheel and taking a long time to boot up? 
This is most likely due to errors building up on your hard drive over time. This will not happen with a Solid State Drive (SSD). 
An SSD upgrade can drastically improve the speed and performance of your Mac when upgraded from a mechanical hard drive. 

SSD drives have no moving parts, they make no noise and they can increase your performance of your Mac by up to 50%. All drives come with a 3 year warranty 
We are so confident that you will be impressed with the speed and performance after upgrading to a SSD, that if you are not, we will happily undo our work and re-stock the drive if you wish. 

Same day service 
Data transferred